How to choose the grinding pads during doing the floor treatment ?

Diamond grinding discs and pads used for concrete floor treatment should be selected according to experience,construction process and construction method.

diamond pads grinding disk

According to the construction process:

The concrete floor treatment construction process is generally divided into leveling,rough grinding,fine grinding,fine grinding and polishing.The use of diamond grinding discs and pads and thick grinding discs is conducive to the leveling treatment of the ground.When thick grinding and fine grinding are selected, thick grinding sheets can improve the construction efficiency.The choice of thin grinding discs during fine grinding and polishing will have a better effect.

metal grinding disk padspolished grinding pads Diamond PCD for grinding machines

According to the construction method:

The floor treatment construction methods are generally divided into dry grinding treatment and water grinding treatment.

Dry grinding treatment should choose concrete dry grinding discs water grinding treatment should be selected,concrete dry grinding discs used for water grinding treatment will have a shorter service life,and the use of thin grinding discs for high-speed dry throwing is better.

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