Simple Ways to Grind and Polish  the Concrete Floor
1.Leveling–level the uneven and rough surface with diamond pads, grits: 30#, 80#, 150#, 400#
2.Rough grinding–apply resin diamond pads to remove marks and scratch left after leveling with grits:50#,100#, 200#400#
3.Fine polishing–apply resin diamond pads for fine polishing,remove the marks and scratch left after rough grinding to increase the brightness of concrete with grits:800#,1500#,3000#
4.Hard crystallization treatment–apply hardner and polishing compound together with polishing machine,white polishing mat to polishing,creating a highly intensity and resilient transparent protection layer on the surface.
5.Final result–after the whole process,the concrete has a hard crystallization protection layer on the surface which has the effects of anti-slip,anti-fouling,etc.

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