The floor grinding machine is a kind of concrete grinding equipment capable of high-efficiency grinding and polishing. Whether it is concrete floor, epoxy floor, corundum floor, etc., it can be polished and polished. The efficiency and effect after grinding and polishing are ideal. . However, floor polishing is the result of a combination of multiple processes. Each process is very important. If a process is not well grasped, it will affect the final construction effect.

Pre-polished is very important

How to make a safe and reasonable operation on the floor grinding machine to make an ideal ground?

Properly operated to obtain the highest grinding efficiency, the surface roughness and damage surface can be removed as quickly as possible. This requires the floor grinder to be heavy, fast, and use a coarse abrasive to ensure that there is sufficient grinding force to remove the damaged layer.
Polished later to brighten

The high-efficiency grinding in the early stage makes the coarse abrasives leave different scratches on the ground. Later, it requires the use of some fine grinding materials, such as resin grinding discs, which can smooth the scratches left in the previous period and then polish them. Polished and polished to give the concrete floor a marble-like finish. Therefore, to make a good project, you need to do a lot of details!

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