Concrete Floor Grinder

The curing process is widely demanded,and now concrete floor renovation has become a trend.As is known to all,the concrete floor is prone to problems such as pitting,honeycomb,and insufficient strength due to construction errors. However,the long-term use of aging weathering will cause dust and sand on the ground,so it is necessary to chemically harden and mechanically polish the ground.A high-hardness,high-density,high-brightness floor is formed,and in this process,the floor grinder acts as a main device to grind the ground.

Floor construction, depending on the ground conditions,the choice of floor grinding machine is not the same.Then if the ground is too hard,what kind of floor grinder should be selected during the construction process to be easily polished?

CONWO Machinery continuously develops and innovates more advanced floor grinding equipment based on floor experience and customer cases.The sixth generation driven floor grinding machine C760, C820, C1300 weighs 521KG,with good cutting force and 2 30KG.The three-stage weighting iron can be adjusted to meet the hard ground according to the grinding depth response,and the C1300’s self-propelled walking grinding method is easy and labor-saving,and the grinding efficiency is higher.

Therefore,if you encounter hard ground, you can’t polish it,don’t panic,choose the drive-type floor grinder C1300, and easily finish the grinding work.

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