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1The C250 small floor grinder is designed to cover more square footage in a shorter amount of time and with less effort,resulting in maximized comfort and increased productivity.
2The edges are one of the least desirable aspects of the floor preparation process. However,There is nothing more appealing than seeing a highly polished concrete floor eliminate seamlessly at the wall.

1.Light weight for easy taking along,suitable for working in small area.
2.Innovative quick shift polishing tools with magnetic disk and velcro to save the time.
3.Pretreating and leveling concrete surfaces for epoxy coatings.
4.Available for connecting with vacuum cleaner for dustless work.
5.Grinding and Polishing for concrete,marble,granite,terrazzo with various grits of metal diamond blades and resin bonded diamond plates for coarse grinding,medium grinding,at fine polishing,crystallizing,cleaning,preparation,maintenance.
6.Removing painting,epoxy,urethane,glues,polyurethane and mastics coatings with PCD.
7.Comfortable operating with 180 degree forward or backward adjustable handle.

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