marble grinding polishing machine

The hospital is a place for people to see and cure diseases and to recuperate. It is the primary requirement for clean, tidy and harmless. However, the terrazzo floor is not resistant to dirt, it is easy to hide dirt, and it is not easy to clean, not only affecting the image of the hospital, but also for patients. And surgery is not good. Therefore, the terrazzo floor of the hospital should be cleaned. If the pollution of the stain is too serious and cannot be eliminated, then it is necessary to use a floor grinder for refurbishment and renovation.

What kind of terrazzo floor grinder is used for construction?

The hospital needs a quiet, comfortable and clean environment, so the construction noise of the floor grinder should be small, and the dust generated by the grinding should be treated in time to avoid dust.

concrete polishing machines
The CONWO C820, C760 and C1300 driven floor grinders, combined with the industrial vacuum cleaner CV series, enable dust-free grinding to create a dust-free, healthy working environment.

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