The floor is becoming more and more intelligent, and the driven floor grinder is welcomed by customers, easy and labor-saving, and it can also be cleaned with industrial vacuum cleaners, suitable for large-area construction sites. However, if the construction area is too small and it is a one-time construction, it is obviously not suitable for the CONWO-driven floor grinding machine. What kind of floor grinding machine should I choose?

CONWO A customer has been using the terrazzo floor for a long time, and there is a problem of sanding and dusting on the terrazzo floor, and the stains on the surface of the ground are difficult to clean. The home terrazzo floor like this is smaller than the factory, hospital, and other large-scale sites. You can choose a relatively small floor grinder for construction, and the cost will be cost-effective.

So the customer chooses the C760 and C820 to create a dust-free and healthy construction environment.

Therefore, in the construction of the ground, what kind of floor grinding machine to choose is not blind to the effect, but also to consider the ground area, the ground situation and other issues.

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