How to reduce abrasive consumption and reduce construction costs?

The life of the grinding disc will be affected by various factors,including ground flatness,hardness,grinder weight, rotation speed,construction method (water mill or dry mill),grinding disc type,quantity,particle size,grinding time and experience.

(1)Diamond grinding discs will use different formulas for different purposes.For concrete floor treatment,please use special concrete grinding discs.

(2)Generally speaking,the sanding ground with poor ground flatness will quickly consume the grinding disc,the cement mortar with poor hardness,and the ground will consume a large amount of grinding disc.This kind of ground uses the diamond in the ground wet state.Grinding dry grinding is a preferred method.

(3)Large-scale grinding opportunities improve construction efficiency,but excessive grinding may cause unnecessary consumption of the grinding disc during construction.Therefore,avoiding excessive grinding when using a large grinding machine is also an effective method for reducing the consumption of the grinding disc.

(4) Generally,dry grinding will save more consumables than water mill,but water mill treatment will make the ground more uniform and delicate.Therefore, different construction methods are selected for different floors and different construction processes.Different grinding discs will significantly affect construction efficiency.grinding sheet consumption and processing effect.

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