The general cement floor gives people a bad feeling and is cheaper.And after using it for a while,there will be various problems,such as sanding,dusting, and so on.This is the ground is not beautiful at this time,at this time, we only need to polish the ground,the cement floor immediately renewed,and restored the original appearance.Today we will introduce the methods of cement floor polishing,and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The traditional cement floor not only gives people a cheap,unclean feeling,but also after a period of use,there will be sand,dust,etc.,which greatly affects its use value,let alone the decorative effect.However,once the traditional concrete floor has been polished, it has really changed its face.

Tools required for cement floor polishing:floor grinder,vacuum cleaner,floor polisher,sanding pad,cement floor wax, concrete seal curing agent,cement floor crystallization agent,steel wool, scouring pad,etc.

Cement floor polishing method:There are generally three ways to achieve cement floor polishing.The cement floor is waxed and the concrete floor is transformed into permeable floor and cement floor crystallization.The construction methods of these three methods are similar,and can all play a polishing role,and obtain a good surface treatment effect of the cement floor.

Cement floor polishing, waxing,cement, floor polishing, waxing method: For the new ground with good light collection, the cement floor polishing wax can be directly coated on the ground,and then polished with a floor polisher and a scouring pad.Treatment,each polishing area should not be too large, the gloss can appear and there is no trace of polishing before polishing the next area until all the floor waxing and polishing treatment is completed For the old cement floor with wear,ash,potholes and cracks,it needs to be grounded by the ground grinder to fill the holes and cracks before waxing and polishing.The method is the same as before. Advantages and disadvantages of waxing and polishing of cement floor:Advantages:convenient and quick construction, obvious effect,waterproof and anti-fouling. Disadvantages:The holding time is not long, the anti-slip effect is not good,and it is easy to get dirty after a long time of use.

The modification of cement floor polishing is the method of transforming the floor cement floor polishing into the infiltration floor:for the new cement floor with good light collection,the concrete sealing curing agent can be directly sprayed on the ground evenly,and then the brush,the hair and the like are continuously used.Push the brush and keep the ground moist for about 1 hour,then rinse the floor with water and polish it.For the defective old ground,it is necessary to fill the holes,cracks,oil pollution, etc.,and then grind and polish the concrete seal curing agent for the next step.The improvement of cement floor polishing is the advantages and disadvantages of penetrating the floor: advantages:quick and convenient construction,high hardness,good wear resistance, anti-fouling and long use time. Disadvantages:In order to achieve high brightness,it takes a lot of polishing and polishing.

Cement floor polishing crystallization treatment Cement floor polishing crystallization treatment method:the ground grinding machine first grinds the ground,and then polishes,after the ground has a certain luster,dry the ground.Spray the ground crystallizing agent on the ground of 1 square meter square, and use the crystallizer with steel wool and scouring pad to grind left and right until a uniform high-gloss ground appears to move to the next area.Cycle through this to the construction area used. For the defective old cement floor, it needs to be repaired accordingly.Advantages and disadvantages of crystallization treatment of cement floor polishing: advantages: high surface hardness,good gloss,anti-fouling,waterproof and wear-resistant. Disadvantages:Long construction time and need to be polished.

When there are problems such as sanding and dusting on the concrete floor,you can choose the method of polishing and transform it

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