Abnormal wear scars during sanding can be caused by the following reasons:

(1)Grinding machine bearing wear or loose screws,this situation may cause the disc to yaw, some of the number of grinding discs on the ground may bring out the hard-to-remove wear scars,this kind of wear scars usually use a thicker number The grinding disc can be eliminated.

(2)The horizontal positioning screw of the grinder is not adjusted in place;

(3)When mixing old and new grinding discs,due to the inconsistent thickness of the grinding discs,it is very likely that the ground will have abnormal wear marks;

(4) The ground is not cleaned, and hard impurities are embedded in the drainage fins of the working surface of the grinding disc;

(5) The grinder stays in a position for a long time when dry grinding or dry throwing the ground,and the poor heat dissipation causes burn marks or ground burn marks

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