Why do I use the same machines and grinding films as others, but I can’t do the same effect as others?

The grinding effect will be affected by various factors, including ground flatness, hardness of the grinder, speed, construction method (water mill or dry mill), grinding disc type, quantity, particle size, grinding time and experience.

(1) The unevenness of the ground level will result in uneven grinding. If the surface is hardened when the hardness is insufficient, the overall strength and brightness are not satisfactory. In this case, it is recommended to use the diamond grinding disc or the concrete thick grinding disc to level the ground as much as possible, and eliminate the loose surface layer so that the hardness of the ground base layer meets the construction requirements, so as to reduce the consumption of the grinding disc in the later stage and make the treatment effect better, if necessary, Consider secondary hardening.

(2) Large-scale grinding machine can significantly improve the construction efficiency. The use of diamond grinding discs or thick grinding discs can make the ground flatness better. Good flatness can reduce the construction difficulty in the later stage, and it is easy to make a beautiful hardened floor, especially polishing. The effect is more obvious.

(3) Grabbers use several principles: ground leveling and coarse grinding using diamond grinding discs or concrete thick grinding discs; do not use coarse sand grinding discs when using fine sand grinding discs; increase grinding machine counterweight or increase speed Improve efficiency; try not to use the grinding disc when skipping; be sure to wash the floor after polishing, dry and dry, use the sponge polishing sheet to improve the brightness of the floor; use concrete brightener when the ground brightness is relatively high.

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